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Shakin' the Blue Flamingo

They once ran naked across golf courses, ate plates of greasy fried chicken, and survived whispered sorority scandals. Twenty years later, while organizing the first LGBTQ prom for the local high school, these non-traditional women are spun to the brink when their successful sorority sister returns to town determined to romance the woman she has loved all of her life.Read more

Tamarie Cooper's Live In-Person Sticky Sweet Summer Show

She’s baaaaaaack! Tamarie and her gang of merry misfits are returning to the stage—an actual stage—for a hilarious, irreverent, all-new musical extravaganza featuring an original score played by a live band and performances from some of Houston's funniest, wildest, quirkiest, sometimes raunchiest actors.Read more


An Art-infused Open Mic featuring Non Conformity & Community!

7:30 PM - 8:00 PM... THE MIXER 

Experience the sound of DJ LoQi spinning the hottest Neo Soul, R&B music that will stimulate your mind, body, and soul as you arrive for your heART&SOUL experience.



This experience will feature an open mic of artists who will grace the mic to share stories about their journey and experiences acknowledging their WORTH. This mic will leave the audience inspired and covered with ashes; this mic will bring the heat.

SPOKEN WORD + MOVEMENT + SONG + VISUAL ART = Where the ARTS merge!Read more

Gideon and the Blundersnorp

Creative Movement Practices

Gideon and the Blundersnorp

Book and Music by Michael Gordon Shapiro, Texas Premiere!

Gideon is a stableboy who yearns to be a Royal Cavalier. Alanna is a young viscountess who wants to be free. Thrown together by chance, the two must contend with bandits, a treacherous forest, and a giant monster that just wants to eat everyone.

Gideon and the Blundersnorp combines witty characters, pulse-pounding excitement, and a rousing cinematic/medieval-folk score. Underlying the fun is a positive message: aspiration is fueled by personal character, not social class.Read more

While Childhood Slept

The Garden Theatre

While Childhood Slept

Book and Lyrics by: Sharon Sheppard,Music and Additional Lyrics by: Jo Ellen Hubert

This heart-wrenching original musical follows the true story of the boys of Home Number One in the Nazi concentration camp, Terezin. The children create a secret republic within the camp, publishing their own magazine of art, poetry, and short stories called Vedem. A visit from The Red Cross presents the opportunity to disguise their magazine as a secret message and a means of escape. While Childhood Slept is a story of bravery, determination, and hope with a promise that we will never forget the past and will never allow history to repeat itself. Read more

Out of the Depths

Out of the Depths takes a raw look into the lives of those who deal with mental illness, and shines a light on common misconceptions surrounding the subject of mental health.

Our diverse cast of eighteen performers tackles a complex subject through various facets of expression including music, dance, film, and even humor. This original 90 minute production is suitable for ages 10 and up.Read more

Last Stop on Market Street

Main Street Theater

Last Stop on Market Street

Based on the book by Matt de la Peña

On a visit to see his Nana, CJ is introduced to the people in her community – Vernon, the blind bus passenger, Grandma Posey and her grandson Jojo, who eat at the soup kitchen – teaching CJ about friendship, empathy and finding joy in unexpected places. Last Stop on Market Street celebrates the bond between a young boy and his grandmother in this heartwarming and energetic musical.

Recommended for Pre-Kindergarten and older.Read more

Coyote on a Fence

Dirt Dogs Theatre Co.

Coyote on a Fence

Written by Bruce Graham, Directed by Malinda L. Beckham

Illiterate yet affable, Bobby Reyburn loves to do impressions and watch soap operas. He’s also a member of the Aryan nation sitting on death row, convicted of an unimaginable hate crime. John Brennan is an articulate, well-educated convict and editor of the prison newspaper, The Death Row Advocate. Following executions, John publishes obituaries that tell the stories of the executed but never mentions the crimes committed. John's writing draws national attention and the interest of a journalist who wants to do a story about him. As each awaits his final fate under the watchful eye of their female guard, they confront, comfort, and change each other. Inspired by the story of a real-life Texas death row inmate, Coyote on a Fence explores the questions: Can one be redeemed in the final hours of life? Is everyone redeemable even if they aren’t seeking redemption?Read more