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South Main Summer Musicals


Fresh Faith. Vintage Church.

These two notions– a fresh faith springing from a vintage church environment create what we believe to be a compelling juxtaposition within which to find your place in God’s story. There’s an interesting mixture of modern and traditional at South Main. We have a long and wonderful heritage over a century to draw on, but we’re likewise an ever changing place full of new opportunity and new directions in the middle of bustling Midtown Houston.

We worship in a traditional way within a beautiful sanctuary framed in almost matchless stained glass, but our ministries and programs are at the same time are populated with a vibrant community of mission-minded people sharing a dynamic sense of faith that’s always in motion. What we want to convey to anyone who is looking for a church home is that you don’t need to be perfect, look perfect or feel perfect, or even close to perfect before you arrive. We want you to feel welcome just as you are, comfortable being yourself every moment you’re here, and most of all, we want you to experience God and a graceful sense of belonging at South Main.

Past Events at MATCH