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DNP Productions


DNP Productions aspires to use creative arts as a platform to empower, inspire, and educate a society that heals brokenness by consciously engaging in their own transformation.


DNP Productions was founded by author and playwright Diana N. Patterson M.Ed. Ms. Patterson released her first literary composition, Everything Grows in the Valley in 2017. She aspires to use her gift in creative writing to induce transformative thinking and self-empowerment.

Ms. Patterson began her career in the creative arts at the tender age of 6 years old. She performed in numerous plays as a youth. Ms. Patterson won several poetry and essay contest in creative writing as a youth which enhanced her interest in creative writing. Before writing her own plays, Ms. Patterson performed the lead role in several plays including Our Town, Raisin in the Sun, and Sassy Mama’s. 

Ms. Patterson earned a bachelor’s degree in Community Engagement and a master’s degree in Administrative Leadership/Adult Continuing Education. 

After the launch of her first book “Everything Grows in the Valley” in 2017 Ms. Patterson developed a yearning to live out her passion by pouring herself into creative writing. Everything Grows in the Valley, “A Few Good Men” is her first large theatrical production. Ms. Patterson desires to tour the US with her performances and pursue a career in film production.