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Denisov Antrepriza


Denisov Antrepriza Theater is comprised of a group of American actors and artists originally from Ukraine and Russia. We do Art not War! 

The Trap is our first production performed in English after many sucessiful productions in Russian. Please Join us!



Thank you with all our hearts for such an amazing show! We loved every moment of it; it has been over 24 hours, and I am still smiling, still in a great mood, thanks to you! All 4 actors are very talented, charismatic, and their performances are addicting and captivating! It was my first time seeing your show, and I can’t wait to go back and be immersed again in your exquisite sense of humor, your charm, your talent and overall elegance and pure magic you have given us! 
--Angelina Parrfrey

Thanks for the wonderful performance! For the great work invested in the production! I always wanted to return to Houston, because of your theater here!
--Elena Allen

Thanks for the show! We got great pleasure from the acting, the plot and the atmosphere on the stage!
--Elya Dullina

Thank you! I liked it very much!
--Tatiana Hayek

We got great pleasure. Looking forward to new performances!
--Galina Lei and Natalia Estos

Great actors. With a new victory to you. We look forward to new performances!
--Natalia Fofanova

Many thanks, Anna, Elena, Alex and Vasily! Enjoyed it a lot!!! I wish you all new creative successes.

Thank you so much for your passion and dedication to our community! We really appreciate it!
--Roza Karakhanova

Thanks for the great performance! You are wonderful!
--Ekaterina Loshak

I was at the premiere of the play. I liked it very much!!! Thank you very much for your enjoyment! Creative success to you. I will follow the posters of the Antrepriza!
-- Ekaterina Likhacheva

To my great regret and shame, I visited your performance for the first time. I really liked the production, you managed to create an intrigue. A wonderful acting, I don’t want to highlight anyone in particular!
Thanks a lot! I will correct my mistake and attend your performances in the future!

--Nushaba Bagirov

We really enjoyed!!! Thanks a lot!!!
--Nikolay Moiseev


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