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Empanada Loca

Obsidian Theater - Empanada Loca

Now living deep under Manhattan in an abandoned subway tunnel with the Mole People, a very hungry Dolores recounts her years selling weed with her boyfriend, her return to Washington Heights after thirteen years in prison, her fortuitous reunion with an old stoner friend who lets her give massages for cash in the basement under his empanada shop, and the bloodbath that sent her fleeing underground.

Loosely inspired by the legend of Sweeney Todd, EMPANADA LOCA is contemporary Grand Guignol horror in the style of Spalding Gray.Read more

Tragedy: a Tragedy

Catastrophic Theatre - Tragedy a Tragedy

Reporting live on an unfolding crisis, Frank in the Studio is aided by his team of field reporters: John in the Field, Constance at the Home, and Michael, the Legal Adviser. As the impending event approaches and chaos builds, the broadcasters reveal themselves to be all too human. In an era during which many have come to question the veracity of the news media, Catastrophic favorite Will Eno hilariously transcends fact-and-fiction in search of universal truths about the world we live in.Read more

Saving Susannah

Generating Company - Saving Susannah

The Generating Company

Saving Susannah

A Solo Performance by Josephine John

A tale of blood ties and homesick hearts. SAVING SUSANNAH opens in an ominous whirlwind with a family member in crisis setting in motion the intrusion of the deep past into the present. A fifth generation Australian, Josephine John did not know her family’s story or the characters or their multi-generational journey. Lovingly crafting the work to honor their past changed her life. Are we our ancestor’s deputies? Do you know your family’s story?Read more

The Merry Mortality Mystery Show

Houston Fringe Festival - The Merry Mortality Mystery Show - Photo credit Pin Lim

Neil has doctors. Primary Care Physician. Cardiologist. Surgeon. Urologist. To name a few. Neil has medical maladies to match them all. In 45 minutes or fewer, he’ll give you the highlights of his health history with all the details you don’t want but all the specifics you need—with side trips into other personal stories that may or may not be related. You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, you’ll finally make that appointment for your physical. Read more


Gente de Teatro - Madenusa

Gente de Teatro


Gente de Teatro brings back MADENUSA by Argentine playwright Claudia Soroka

A year before its silver anniversary, and after a highly acclaimed première at Rice University, Gente de Teatro brings back to the stage Madenusa by Argentine playwright Claudia Soroka.  The author has created an amusing piece, fresh and engaging, highlighting the experience of the immigrant and delving into the intricacies of adjusting to a different culture.   

In an attempt to restart a life that had been interrupted, this time Mabel and Osvaldo, long-time residents of the USA, have invited “la Yoli” and “el Negro”* to come from Argentina for a visit. What happens when the world one left behind is suddenly back?

*Commonly used Argentine term of endearment Read more

Call Me Ann

Houston Fringe Festival - Ann Richards - Hope

Call Me Ann is a rock opera about Texas Governor Ann Richards, and tells the story of her life and influence. The story spans from Ann Richards' Waco roots to her time as a housewife turned County Commissioner, through to her election as Governor in 1990 and past her 1994 re-election defeat that set the stage for George W. Bush's election as Governor and then President. Read more



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