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"Kevo" Aregbe is a Nigerian-American Artist. He earned his BFA at University of Houston and MFA from Houston Christian University. Kevo is a published author, award winning filmmaker, Theater producer, College Art Professor, Director of a Non-Profit Organization (Kevo Arts), and Contemporary Artist: Interior paintings, commissioned art, home and business murals, and owns his own private tattoo studio "Kevo's Tattoos".  In his own words: "My artwork documents human experiences, ideas, and conversations that I cannot put into words.  These concepts are communicated artistically, where the composing of is combined with shapes, objects, and motifs used to portray messages or statements. Just as many others before me, my art is based on reflecting time and how I view the events in society. My abstract work is composed of color and iconography, dancing in and out of the composition, where my portrait and figurative work is commonly realistic.." 

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