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ImagineNation Theatre


ImagineNation Theatre, founded in 2014, invests in young adults ages 14-21 through theatre arts education, skills training, mentoring and life development. This next generation will strengthen their self-esteem and sense of belonging while building relationships with each other through love and inspiration.

ImagineNation will perform a mixture of musical and non-musical productions while educating through class and workshop settings. Shows may be either traditional or “edgy” in nature and will consist of 2-3 major productions per year.  Targeting this promising segment of artists, ImagineNation will focus on improving and strengthening young adults who are seeking to take their theatre and life skills to the next level. A core value of the organization culture will emphasize inclusion, bonding and unity. “The Nation” will leverage the stage experience and strive to embrace life lessons together, share challenges and create memories that will last a lifetime.

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