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TEATRX - A Latinx Theatre Company


TEATRX is a professional theatre company established to advance Latinx performance arts to be a vital and prominent part of the artistic identity of Houston by representing and supporting the Latinx community, its artists, and its stories.


TEATRX - A Latinx Theatre Company was founded in August 2018 in Houston, TX.  Founding members include: Benito Vasquez as Artistic Director, Marissa Castillo as Marketing Director, and Jorge Diaz as Development Director. In 2019, we added Ashley Parra as our Production Coordinator. In under 3 years, we produced multiple events, started a fiscal sponsorship with Fresh Arts, received multiple grants from the City of Houston, and brought Latinx theatre to Houston’s stages. True to our mission, TEATRX has built a community of Latinx artists by providing artistic opportunities to over 50 local artists. Our programming gives community ownership of the art that is being created for and about them; sparking inspiration in the community, creating future theatre goers, and perhaps future artists. La Vida Es Cortos / Life Is Shorts, our yearly short play and short film festival attracts a distinctive audience for a one-of-a-kind multidisciplinary arts experience. We draw an audience longing for a place in Houston’s theatre and film scene by curating a lineup that includes multiethnic, multicultural, and multigenerational stories in English and in Spanish that better reflects the majority-minority population of Houston. TEATRX is a sponsored project of Fresh Arts, a non profit service organization. Contributions for the purpose of TEATRX must be made payable to Fresh Arts and are tax deductible to the extent permitted by the law.

Past Events at MATCH