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Rose Goff Productions


Rose Goff started writing stage plays out of a pure love for writing and directing after being asked to direct a stage play at her current church. She gradually started becoming more and more involved in theater which she quickly fell in love with the Theatrical Industry, dedicating her time to coming up with creative ideas to engage others and working hard to develop the skills while building a positive cast. Rose has written and directed 7 plays over the past 7 years, A Family’s Redemption, I Guess I Didn’t Know You, I Guess I Didn’t Know You Part 2, Be Careful Who You Disrespect, God’s Plan, A Man’s Cry and her 2020 stage play, “School, It’s Always Something.” which was postponed, then cancelled due to the Pandemic. Rose believes with faith that God, focus and dedication is sure to make her a Famous Houston Playwright really soon.

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