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30 Ways To Get Free

The Catastrophic Theatre

30 Ways To Get Free

written by Candice D’Meza and directed by Nate Edwards

The Catastrophic Theatre is proud to present the premiere of 30 Ways To Get Free, written by Candice D’Meza and directed by Nate Edwards. 30 Ways To Get Free is a series of three Afrofuturist micro-films that position abolition and liberation through the lens of science fiction. By exploring the worlds of spontaneous combustion, mermaids, trans-dimensional cell phones, and alien abductions, the films center on three of an unlimited number of ways Black people may triumphantly enter a free new world of their own imagining.  


Catastrophic is thrilled to be producing Candice D’Meza’s first film script and excited to collaborate with notable filmmaker Nate Edwards. The stellar cast features veteran actors Anthony August, Candice D’Meza, Byron Jacquet, Anna Maria Morris, and Jet Tettey. The film’s production crew includes director of photography Nicholas Lloyd, assistant director Jamar Hawkins, wardrobe designer Joy Cohen, and production designer Ruby Amare. The films are edited by Nate Edwards and Nicholas Lloyd, with sound and special effects by Tim Thomson. 

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(I)sland T(rap): The Epic Remixology of The Odyssey

TORCH - Island Trap


(I)sland T(rap): The Epic Remixology of The Odyssey

Starring award-winning dramatist Austin Dean Ashford

Armed with beatboxing, ukulele, spoken word poetry, and fantastical animals. (I)sland T(rap) is an Afro-adaptation of Homer’s Odyssey remixed. Recently featured and receiving top honors in Scotland, New Zealand, The Kennedy Center, and Off Broadway at TheatreRow in N.Y. (BEST ONE MAN SHOW)

A hip-hop riff about Black Ulysses on an Odyssey of self-discovery and a powerful exploration of a young artist of color navigating the turbulent waters of contemporary American culture while trying to find his authentic voice. (I)sland T(rap) has lyrical poetry, live music, and commentary on Black experience in America, this tour-de-force charts a soul journey on an exotic island where Black Ulysses discovers his place in a society full of gun violence and oppression.Read more

Tenderly: The Rosemary Clooney Musical

TENDERLY, THE ROSEMARY CLOONEY MUSICAL offers a fresh, remarkably personal, and poignant picture of the woman whose unparalleled talent and unbridled personality made her a legend. With her signature songs woven in and out, we learn both the story of her successes on film, radio, and TV, as well as her struggles in her personal life – with a fading career during the advent of rock-and-roll and her struggles with personal relationships and depression. Audiences stand and cheer as they rejoice at her triumphant comeback and even more successful career as a jazz singer!Read more

Sonia Flew

When war intrudes on her family following 9/11, Sonia, a Cuban immigrant raising two children with her Jewish husband in Minneapolis, must reconcile with her childhood memories of Operation Pedro Pan, a political maneuver that separated her and thousands of other Cuban children from their parents. Determined to continue highlighting the diversity of the Latinx community and its stories, TEATRX presents Sonia Flew a play by Melinda Lopez to honor the 20th anniversary of 9/11, to reflect on policies regarding refugees from countries in turmoil, and shine a light on Houston’s Latinx Jewish community.Read more


Gente de Teatro


by Laurent Baffie. Spanish Version by Julián Quintanilla

TOC TOC by Laurent Baffie and Spanish version of Julián Quintanilla is a hilarious play dealing with a serious topic in a humorous vein: Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD). “TOC” is the Spanish Acronym for OCD.

Six characters displaying certain signs of OCD are in the waiting-room of a renowned psychiatrist.  Because the doctor is late, however, these potential patients are about to embark on a new journey. Without either the expert or the expertise, and amid roaring bouts of laughter from the audience, they will attempt to create a therapeutic group of their own to help one another control their symptoms. The result is a play that is uproariously upbeat, yet the humor never offends.Read more

Some Things You Just Can't Fix

Rose Goff has done it again!  Another Production! And her cast has a way of bringing much laughter to the audience in the hilarious Stage Play, Some Things You Just Can’t Fix. When 4 roommates try figuring out if living with one another was really the best choice, it calls for questioning friendship, bad decisions, finances or just plain regret especially when there are convenient maintenance men who does it all to make things better for the roommates living arrangements.Read more