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August: Osage County

Dirt Dogs Theatre Co.

August: Osage County

Written by Tracy Letts, Directed by Ron Jones

When the large Weston family unexpectedly reunites after patriarch Dad up and disappears, their Oklahoman family homestead explodes in a maelstrom of repressed truths and unsettling secrets. A vanished father, a pill-popping mother, and three sisters harboring shady little secrets becomes a mixture of brutal honesty and hurtful truth as old wounds reopen and new ones form. Winner of the 2008 Pulitzer Prize for Drama and the Tony Award for best play that same year, August: Osage County examines how people function within dysfunction.Read more

A Maroon's Guide to Time and Space

The latest work by local interdisciplinary theatre artist Candice D’Meza is a genre blending, experiential exploration of the quantum mechanics that use imagination to liberate oneself from the confines of linear time. A thematic continuation of D’Meza’s surreal, Afrofuturist film series 30 Ways to Get Free, also produced by Catastrophic, A Maroon’s Guide uses film, technology, performance, and audience imagination to create the perfect environment to escape into space—where a new and better world is waiting for us. 

A Maroon’s Guide is D’Meza’s third original performance piece, following Fatherland at Stages, 30 Ways to Get Free, and Wail at Diverseworks Artspace. A consummate theatre artist and self-described “artivist,” D’Meza’s first performed at Catastrophic in 2014 but she has dazzled on most Houston stages and her acting plaudits are many. As a creator of new work for the theatre, her star is on a meteoric rise.Read more

2023 Student Playwright Festival

Three playwrights from three Houston area high schools premiere their one-act plays at the 2023 Dirt Dogs Theatre Co. Student Playwright Festival: 

Corner Store by Andrea Diaz, directed by Curtis Barber: The true story of the playwright’s Cuban grandfather, Paco Diaz, and how he was arrested fighting for the country he loved.

Get It, Together by Seth Brown, directed by Trevor B. Cone: A young adult must overcome his issues and take care of business, or face losing it all.

The Fifth Passenger by Calliana Duke, directed by Malinda L. Beckham: It’s not easy guiding people through the limbo to the afterlife, especially when you’re literally Death and customer service is a nightmare no matter where you end up.Read more

The Gospel Wiz

NuEra Production and Essence Entertainment

The Gospel Wiz

Written & Produced by Yvette Veney, Co-wright: Stephanie Tucker

The Gospel Wiz is an entertaining and inspiring gospel stage production like no other. Our unique twist on the classic story will take you on an emotional journey with Houston‘s finest singers dancers and performers. Audiences of all ages will be delighted as they laugh, cry, and sing along to some of their favorite inspirational gospel songs. We invite you to join us for an uplifting and encouraging experience. Read more

Tamarie's TOTALLY TRUE Revue (plus lies too)!

The Catastrophic Theatre

Tamarie's TOTALLY TRUE Revue (plus lies too)!

World Premiere by Tamarie Cooper & Patrick Reynolds

Tamarie and her cast of musical comedy maniacs are back for the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth in the 26th installment of her hit original musical series juggernaut! In a time when truth is often stranger than fiction, Tamarie’s chock full of veracity, spouting truths about her show, society, basically the whole stinking world. And also her flossing habits. Tamarie and her mostly fearless, occasionally fearsome crew will snark, sing, and dance their way through twisted encounters with Tinkerbelle, Pinocchio, Ben Franklin, Kenny Rogers, and Tamarie's psychic high school attendance clerk, Mrs. Jones, who could catch you in any lie (and find stuff you lost too). Tamarie’s got some personal stuff to tell you too. Some real, some fake. Depends on where you get your news. 

If you’ve seen a Tamarie Cooper Show you’re unlikely ever to have missed another one and, if you haven’t, The Totally True Revue is the perfect opportunity to hop on board. Truth.Read more

2023 Fade To Black Play Festival


The Fade To Black Play Festival celebrates 11 seasons of amazing festival performances! We are Houston's first and only national short play festival to spotlight the new works of African-American playwrights. Our play festival is the hippest, hottest play festival you'll ever experience! Be There!Read more

Broadway & Barbershop

Featuring the vocal talents of Robby Black, Erin Clark, Daniel Lopez, Drew Prince, Sarah Watson and Natasha Wroblewski, this incredible cast will perform some of the greatest showstopping songs from Broadway's most memorable shows. Songs from Broadway shows such as West Side Story, Chess, Anatasia, Wicked, Les Miz, Waitress, CATS, Phantom and more; these are the songs that make Broadway - Broadway!


And enjoy the barbershop quartet mastery and tight harmonies of Houston-based Panda Ring featuring the foursome of Patrick McAlexander, Zachary MacLaren, Daniel Laguros and Robby Black. Their repertoire ranges throughout many eras and styles of barbershop harmony, with the highlight being a showstopping rendition of Lyda Rose from The Music Man, sung with HMTC's Erin Clark.Read more

The Secret in the Wings

When her parents ignore her pleadings, a young girl is left at home to be watched over by an amorous ogre. The monster offers her six fairy tales, each one deadlier than the last, and each a part of a greater mystery. Will the girl be swept away by the darkness, or live to tell her own tale? 

Join us as we (re)discover long forgotten or seldom-told lore through an enchanting carousel of stories woven by dreams, dry wit, and magic. The Secret in the Wings is a suspenseful, grimly humorous adaptation by Tony award-winning writer/director Mary Zimmerman.Read more