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Négritude Theater/KLA Ministries


To use creative arts platforms to initiate conversations about the people of the African continent and diaspora.


Négritude is a not-for-profit arts organization, operating out of New York City and Houston, Texas. Négritude was founded by Angela Watson, a New York City-based actor, singer, director, composer, and author. Watson envisioned a creative arts response to trends in the lives of people of African heritage, both historically and in modern-day United States.

KLA Ministries is focused on providing inspiration and entertainment through the arts and media. The founder, Kevin L. Aldridge, is a pastor and entrepreneur. Aldridge has worked on and produced several local/regional and national TV and film projects over the past 20 years. Kevin is married to Crystal, who is an early childhood educator. They have 3 daughters Kelis (deceased), Ava and Zoe. They reside in Monroe, Ohio.

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