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Kingdom Blue Productions


Kingdom Blue Production Company believes and is committed to producing convincing, heartfelt, quality entertainment that reflects God's message.


Gifted, arts, versatile, creative, dynamic, loving and caring mentor these are a few words to describe Mary Gray-Gossett. She is the founder and CEO of Kingdom Blue Productions (KBP); a production company that is committed to helping others fulfill dreams, have hope for a brighter future by creating opportunities for new comers, experience and non-experienced artists to excel. KBP is a production company that believes and is committed in producing convicting, heartfelt, quality entertainment that reflects God’s message. Our mission is to help deliver Gods word to the world through drama, to fulfill dreams and bring hope. Taking the Ministry into the world with a powerful message and growth for all people. Teaching drama, and dance. We have professional and experienced individuals that are well equipped to deliver various kinds of performances. KBP does not require any experience to come on board. This is a powerful and effective ministry for audience of any age and creed. We truly have remarkable things in store, and believe together, we can accomplish great things that is set before us through God! 

Mary Gray-Gossett

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