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TORCH + Killem Collective Presents



Mission Statement:
To unite marginalized communities through arts entrepreneurship and live performance opportunities.

TORCH is a community of independent artists and creative entrepreneurs across the globe. Over the next three years, we aim to extend across Houston, NYC, Atlanta, and Los Angeles and provide performance opportunities and arts entrepreneurship training and coaching to artists from marginalized communities. TORCH has been fiscally-sponsored by Fractured Atlas for the last three years. 


MIssion Statement:
Killem Collective is committed to fostering the communities it started from. Our goals have and will always remain the same: produce dope content, feed the people, inspire innovation, dream in reality, repeat...

Founded in 2014, Killem Collective was formed by members Ichikara Valdez, Joel Martinez, Christopher Cantu and Sergio Selvera. Representing an eclectic mix of talent from various professional backgrounds, the company began as an indie record label looking to help produce and aid in helping promote, distribute and book local artists. Killem has grown into a destination for some of Houston's most diverse and burgeoning artists; working with multiple genres ranging from Hip-hop, Alt. Rock, Jazz and R&B. With the help of networks around the US and globally, Killem has become more than the record label it originated as, and looks to be moving toward continuing its presence in the festival, music distribution, events and production scene

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