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Erin B. Productions


We aim to make a difference through the art of storytelling, to inspire, educate and bring awareness.


We are a Houston, TX based film and theatre production company comprised of a group of creative souls committed to making a difference. We create stories that foster empathy, challenging our audiences to see, to feel and to love.

Through the art of storytelling, we "live life on stage" to have a positive effect in the lives of those who experience our craft.

About Erin B. 

Having gone through many challenges, from cancer treatment, to the death of a child, miscarriages, divorce and more, Erin L. Burnett learned that the stage was a healthy outlet for healing and overcoming the difficulties one might face in life. During her darkest hour, she discovered that if she were able to become vulnerable enough to openly feel what some may deem as the “negative” emotions she once tried to suppress, she could work through frustrations, guilt, shame, defeat, hurt and more.

In one of her most trying seasons, after an exhausting emotional performance in a stage play, Erin experienced a euphoric sensation of peace after releasing the emotional burdens she had been carrying in the performance. That is when she coined Erin B. Productions’ mantra, “Leave it all on the stage…”

At an early age, Erin was a natural performer. She began singing for large audiences at the age of 7 and writing music at the tender age of 9. She performed in numerous stage productions and won various vocal competitions and talent shows before discovering her untapped ability to write, direct and produce in her early twenties. Erin is grateful to say that her work has been viewed by thousands both nationally and abroad. Her time in the entertainment industry as a playwright, screenwriter, director, actress and singer has afforded her the opportunity to work with many acclaimed artists.

As the Founder and CEO of Erin B. Productions, Erin’s goal is to help liberate the lives of those who may be bound by circumstance through art and storytelling.

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