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Concessions & Catering Policy

(please note that some information has changed)

For clarification on these guidelines or more information on receptions please contact Dennis Draper, Patron Services Manager.


Performances: MATCH retains the exclusive right to arrange for concessions to be available for sale for the convenience and comfort of patrons, guests, artists and others at every public performance. Licensee may not arrange for competing services to be offered.

Outside food and beverages: Patrons are not permitted to bring outside food and beverages into the Breezeway, Matchbox lobbies or performance spaces before, during or after performances. Licensees are responsible for seeing that this rule is enforced during their License Term.


Approval: All receptions must be approved in advance. You must submit the Reception/Catering section of the Event Questionnaire for review before approval. Do not assume that you have approval because you have done a similar thing at MATCH in the past.

Rental of space for a Reception: A Licensee who holds a reception must schedule and rent space for said reception. An agreement for a License term at the MATCH does not guarantee the right to or a place for a pre-show or post-show reception.

Vinyl Floors: The Rehearsal Room and Matchbox 2 have permanent dance floors with a vinyl surface. For receptions including food, Licensee must arrange for the floor to be protected using the MATCH carpet squares. This may incur MATCH tech labor costs though Licensees can reduce costs by supplying labor.



Alcoholic Beverages: All alcoholic beverages must be purchased through MATCH. Please contact the MATCH Patron Services Manager for details.

Donated Alcohol: Events may utilize donated alcoholic beverages by having the producer arrange to reimburse MATCH for purchase of their product.  This is common practice to comply with TABC regulations and most beverage producers should be familiar with it.



Approval: For receptions and other special events, all caterers and vendors must be approved by MATCH staff.  MATCH encourages Licensees to use a pre-approved caterer for their event.  The current pre-approved catering list is: Lemond Events, HEB, Melange, City Kitchen and A Fare Extraordinaire.

Meeting: With four performance spaces in operation, backstage at MATCH is always in a state of flux. MATCH requires all Licensees who are using a caterer, even caterers who have worked at MATCH before, to have a meeting and walk-through with the MATCH Patron Services Manager.

Equipment: Each performance space comes with 2 folding tables. Caterers or the Licensee should supply all other equipment and necessary furniture for the catered event including additional tables, chairs, round tables, linens, garbage cans, garbage can liners and any other items that they may need.

Set-up areas: All catering set-up areas must be arranged in advance with the Patron Services Manager so as to not impact performances or function of backstage.

Catering Equipment: MATCH can provide augmented power for catering at some locations backstage. Please make sure to detail requests for extra power on your Reception/Catering questionnaire and discuss with the Patron Services Manager ahead of time. Use of propane inside the MATCH facility is strictly prohibited. Other than augmented power, MATCH does not provide any catering equipment or service, including refrigeration, ice machines, etc.

Clean-up: Licensee is responsible for the caterer’s activities and must ensure that the caterer returns the MATCH to pre-event conditions.  If additional cleanup is required, the cost will be deducted from the Licensee’s security deposit. Clean-up includes sweeping and mopping where food is prepared and served and removing all trash to the dumpsters. MATCH will provide brooms and mops.

The MATCH reserves the right to refuse access to any vendor or caterer.