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General Policies

The mission of MATCH is to provide a home for a broad spectrum of Houston’s arts organizations, and create an accessible destination that will bring Houstonians together to enjoy art and enliven a neighborhood.

Our intention:

To serve our mission, MATCH was designed with 4 performance spaces, 3 rehearsal studios, a gallery and office space, all of which are intended for the use of arts organizations and available for rental. All the rental spaces come equipped with an appropriate apportioned quantity of lighting, and sound equipment which are included in the rental of the space. It is the intention of MATCH to serve as many and varied an array of these organizations as the calendar and the space will allow. That notwithstanding, the use of MATCH is at the sole and absolute discretion of MATCH’s Managing Director and Board of Trustees and may be withheld at their discretion, for any reason or for no reason.


  1. Parking:

MATCH has no dedicated parking of its own, but ample parking is available in the vicinity.

Patron parking is limited to publicly available parking nearby, including the garage and surface lot on the south side of Holman St. and any legal street parking.  Additional information is available on the MATCH website.

For artists and event support staff only, the north lot of South Main Baptist Church on Main Street is available for free. The lot is just south of the 3800 apartment building across Truxillo Street. Please put a piece of paper on your dash that says "MATCH Parking".

  1. Proof of Non-Profit Status:

Those claiming non-profit status must provide an IRS Designation Letter.

  1. Copyrights:

It is the responsibility of the Licensee to obtain any and all applicable rights required for their Event. This includes, but is not limited to rights to perform, reproduce, or record any plays, choreography, music, video, or any other copyrighted material.

  1. MATCH Staff:

MATCH support staff included in the Rental Fee consists of House Management, Cleaning, and Box Office (where applicable, see Ticketing.) 

Technical staff, (e.g., sound, lights, stage management, stagehands), are typically the responsibility of the Licensee. All technical staff must receive approval by MATCH, usually by completing up to 4 hours of orientation (with a MATCH-hired technician and charged at standard rates). Following approval, Licensee’s technical staff may perform work in the Facility independently and without supervision.

MATCH can, if needed, hire technical staff for a Licensee. Licensee will be charged for all such payroll labor at the rate listed in the contract. Licensee will be charged for any work shifts scheduled for MATCH-hired technicians and cancelled with less than seven (7) day’s notice.

MATCH full-time staff will not serve as technical staff.

  1. Equipment:

Use of each performance venue will include use of an apportioned quantity lighting, sound, and video equipment. Use of additional MATCH equipment may be available with approval of MATCH. Requests for additional equipment should be made as early as practical to maximize the chance they can be accommodated. Additional equipment will not incur additional cost except in the case when MATCH staff is required to move, install, or provide instruction on the equipment.

  1. Audience Risers:

Standard audience configuration for Matchbox 1 and Matchbox 3 is End Stage. Alternative or custom configurations are free for weekly rentals, but may incur additional labor charges for shorter rentals.

  1. Pianos:

MATCH does not charge for use of MATCH pianos in performance, but all such use must be coordinated in advance with MATCH Production Manager.  Tuning is required and is the responsibility of Licensee.  Tuning will be arranged by MATCH and billed to Licensee, or alternative tuning may be arranged by Licensee with approval of MATCH Production Manager.

  1. Rooms Assigned:

Licensee will be assigned dressing rooms and a wardrobe area and will be expected to confine costumes, etc. to those areas.  On rare occasions these rooms may be shared with other organizations, but this will be avoided whenever possible. Licensee will be informed as early as possible should sharing be necessary.

Licensee must designate a spokesperson designated to communicate with MATCH staff about room assignments and schedules.

  1. Breezeway:

The breezeway is shared by all users of MATCH.  Licensees who wish to make specific use of the breezeway (other than as a casual gathering space for patrons) must obtain advance approval by MATCH.  Additional fees may apply.

  1. Keys:

Long term Licensee will be given two swipe cards for use in entering the building. Single Event and Long Term Licensees will be given a set of keys for their assigned dressing rooms and other support rooms. Single Event Licensees will be admitted to the building by MATCH Staff.

Swipe cards and keys must be returned at the end of the Term.  Lost keys or cards will incur a $20 fee.

  1. Tables & Chairs:

Each performance space will be equipped with two folding tables and ten chairs for use backstage. Additional chairs and tables may be available, but must be requested and approved by MATCH staff.

MATCH stocks three different kinds of chairs: performance chairs, orchestra chairs and backstage chairs. Performance chairs are upholstered metal stacking chairs with arms primarily used for audiences in Matchbox 1 and Matchbox 3. These chairs should not be used in a cabaret or dinner setting as the arms do not work well with tables. Orchestra chairs are limited in number and restricted to use in music performances. Orchestra chairs must be reserved through the Production Manager. Backstage chairs are general plastic stacking chairs. These chairs are limited in number but can be used in cabaret or dinner settings.

  1. Programs and Merchandise:

Programs or other informational material is the responsibility of the Licensee.

Promotional merchandise may be sold within the lobby of the applicable theater.  Licensee is responsible for all staffing and support.  Third-party vendors must be pre-approved by MATCH.  Sale of food or beverages is prohibited.

  1. Load-In:

All load-in schedules in particular must be coordinated with MATCH staff in advance.  Unless otherwise authorized by MATCH, load-in cannot begin before 8 am.

All load-ins shall occur through the loading dock on Francis Street only.  Nothing may load in through the breezeway.

  1. Prohibitions:

No helium balloons, confetti, or glitter may be used anywhere in the Facilities without express written permission. Tape, staples, glue or binding agents should not be applied to any finished surface in public areas of the MATCH. Tape, staples, glue or other binding agents should not be applied to painted walls anywhere in the facility except on stage. The use of glow tape is permitted on stage as needed. The stage floor in the performance spaces and the floor in the rehearsal studio may be taped for rehearsal using appropriate tape. All rehearsal tape and/or spike tape should be removed at the end of the rental Term.

No changes may be made to the finish or appearance of the Facilities or the furnishings or equipment.

No smoking is allowed anywhere inside the Facilities.  Smoking of cigarettes on stage requires appropriate approval and permits from the City of Houston Fire Marshal office.

Firearms are not permitted anywhere in the MATCH Facilities.

  1. Firearms:

    Firearms are prohibited.  Only non-operable replicas may be used as props in a production.
  2. Pyrotechnics:

    Any and all pyrotechnic devices, including so-called “Cold Spark” machines are strictly prohibited.
  3. Floors and Walls:

No pins, tacks, nails, screws, staples, glue or tape may be used on the walls outside the performance spaces and gallery.  All notices, sign-in sheets, etc. should be posted on the bulletin boards provided for that purpose.

Screws may be used on the floors in Matchboxes 1, 3 & 4.  No screws or fasteners of any sort may be used on the floors in Matchbox 2, the Gallery, or the rehearsal studios.  All care must be taken not to damage the dance floor surface in these spaces.

With prior approval, the floors in Matchboxes 1, 3 & 4 may be painted, but they must be restored to the original color prior to completion of load-out.

  1. Construction:

For the most part, stage scenery should be constructed elsewhere, not on stage or backstage at MATCH.  Backstage in particular is for storage, not construction.  The stage of each performance space may be used for small construction during load-in, but any major production of sawdust must take place outside the building in the loading dock area.  Use of the loading dock area for such a purpose must be approved in advance. 

The painting of scenery may take place in Matchboxes 1, 3 & 4 but the floor and walls must be protected with drop cloths.  Any paint spills must be cleaned-up and the floor and walls repainted, if necessary.

  1. Receptions/After-Show Parties:

Receptions are standard for many performances and MATCH in no way wants to discourage them.  However, any parties or receptions must be scheduled well in advance to accommodate other users of MATCH Facilities.

Receptions/parties may occur within the rented spaces, but should conclude within 60 minutes of the end of other activities (performances, talk-backs, etc.). It is our policy that such activities should move to the lobbies and breezeway as soon as possible to allow the House Manager and Production Staff to close the theatre space itself, but there is no predetermined schedule for such a shift. Each performance will be different. Casual socializing may continue in the breezeway or other public areas until such time as the Facility is closed for the night.

Extended after-show reception/party should be scheduled for another location.

The public will not be admitted backstage.

  1. Load-Out and Clean-Up:

MATCH must be left in pre-Event condition at conclusion of a Term.  All garbage must be bagged and placed in appropriate containers.  All scenery, equipment, decorations or rented items brought on site by Licensee must be removed at the conclusion of the Term, unless Licensee has prior approval to leave them until the next day.  Lighting and sound must be restored to pre-Event condition and all equipment must be replaced to their original locations.  Dressing rooms must be wiped down, furniture restored, and trashcans emptied, and stage floors swept and mopped.  However, Licensee’s obligations shall not include cleaning of bathrooms, mopping backstage areas, or cleaning audience seating areas. 

  1. Photography, Videography and Other Recording:

All photography, videography and other recording is at the discretion of and as agreed between the artist(s) and Licensee.

Video recording is often a crucial part of any performance. As such, it needs to be scheduled and planned just like any other production detail.

  1. Video recording needs to be approved by the MATCH Production Manager and included in a production schedule.
  2. Video equipment must be in place before the audience is allowed into the Theater to allow for the proper securing of cables and equipment.
  3. Sound connections for video should be arranged ahead of time and in place before the audience is allowed into the Theater to allow for the proper securing of cables and equipment.
  4. Sound connections for video do not take priority over the sound needs of the performance and such connections will be put in place after the sound for the performance is in place.
  5. The House Manager and MATCH staff reserve the right to approve video positions to ensure that said positions do not affect the safety or egress of the patrons.
  6. Videographers who arrive after the audience is in the Theater will not be allowed to set up except in the Viewing Box on the Mezzanine level.
  7. Positions for video cameras are limited to those that will not impede the safe exit of patrons.
  1. Marketing/Publicity:

Licensee is responsible for its marketing and publicity, though MATCH will cooperate to support performances ticketed by MATCH with website and marquee listings and e-mail blasts.  A video marquee outside the lobby of the Premises will be made available to Licensee for promotion of its performances during the Term.  Licensee agrees to utilize MATCH logo and name where appropriate in advertisements and promotions.

  1. Sponsors:

MATCH will use its best efforts to assist Licensee in recognizing Licensee’s sponsors for a given Event.  Likewise, Licensee agrees to assist MATCH in recognizing MATCH’s sponsors in a manner to be agreed between the parties.

  1. Public Health Restrictions:

    MATCH reserves the right to place additional restrictions on all users of the Facility including Licensee and Patrons to preserve public health.  Such restrictions may include requiring the use of face masks, preventing entry by individuals displaying symptoms of disease including fever as determined by body temperature check, reduced seating capacity in the theaters, reduced backstage capacity, staggered start times, and other restrictions to preserve public health as determined by MATCH.