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Parking for Staff, Artists, and Tenants

Patron Parking

For patron parking, please see this page.


Free First

There is a fair amount of street parking in Midtown, much of which is free. The yellow lines marked on this map indicate that street parking. Be careful though; some of this street parking is only good for certain times of the day. Travis and Milam for instance must be clear for rush hour. Please check the parking signs. The easiest street parking is on the East/West streets like Francis and Berry. Please do not park next to the construction fence on the north side of Francis behind MATCH. This is a NO PARKING zone and cars are subject to towing.

The other free lot for MATCH Tenants/Staff/Artists is the north lot of South Main Baptist Church on Main Street. We have an arrangement with the church that allows MATCH Tenants/Staff/Artists to park there for free and your car can stay there all day. That lot is just south of the 3800 apartment building across Truxillo Street. The train runs on Main Street and that side of Main, the west side, is fairly nice going past the Big Top, Double Trouble, and Natachees. PLEASE PUT A PIECE OF PAPER ON YOUR DASH THAT SAYS MATCH PARKING.

Closer with a cost

The parking lots closest to MATCH are all owned by Mid-Main Development who is developing the property directly to the South of MATCH.

The first of their lots is directly South of Trinity Church and has a day rate and a night rate. All rates may change but the current rate is $3 a day until 5:30 pm and $5 after 5:30 pm.

Directly to the South of MATCH is the Mid-Main development which will also offer parking. This deck should open in the fall of 2015 and rates are not yet known.

The second of the Mid-Main lots is farther away at the Southeastern corner of Fannin and Windbern. If you’ve ever parked behind the Ensemble Theatre for a performance, it is the lot directly south of that lot. All rates may change but the current rate is $3 a day until 5:30 pm and $5 after 5:30 pm.

Take the Metro

If none of these appeal to you, you might consider taking the light rail which stops a half-block South of MATCH on Main Street. It is the easiest cheapest way to get to MATCH.