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Dr. Dorothy Smith Hubbard


This book is aimed to provide clergy and laypersons a tool of training to use in reducing anxiety in practicing pastoral care. It is the result of over thirty years of interpathic training, having discussions with experts in pastoral care, including detailed feedback and discussions with clergy, laypersons, and professionals.

My journey to uncover inner anxiety issues relating to the development of an unhealthy personal identity was resolved through a research project that led to the publishing of this book. I welcome you to explore how much more powerfully your pastoral care ministry will flow when any anxiety that stems from personal identity is resolved. Your ministry is waiting and the time is now!

Dr. Dorothy is the Pastor of Community of Love UMC, Author of Reducing Anxiety of Persons Practicing Pastoral Care, Executive Director of Branches, Inc. Mother of 4 children and wife of Roland C Hubbard.

She attended MTI Bible School to obtain her undergraduate degree in Ministry (BS), has a Master of Arts Leadership (MACL) and Master of Arts Christian Ministries (MACM) from Asbury Theological Seminary and recently earned a Doctorate of Ministry & Leadership from Oral Roberts University.