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Houston Greek Film Festival


The Houston Greek Film Festival (HGFF) showcases new films from Greek and Cypriot filmmakers, producers and actors from Greece, Cyprus and the diaspora. featuring both feature-length and shorts, the HGFF aims to promote Greek cinema to Houston and all of Texas and the southwest!


Now in its 6th year, the Houston Greek Film Festival was founded in 2018. The HGFF consistantly brings its patrons the very best of Greek and Cypriot Cinema from all over the world, including all Greek/Cypriot candidates for the American Academy Awards. Past entrys of the Festival include POLYXENI, JAMAICA, KAZANTZAKIS, HOLY BOOM, 1968, THE SIEGE ON LIPERTI STREET, EFTIHIA, DIGGER, and SMYRNA, MY BELOVED just to name a few. In addition to the directors, producers, writers and actors we all look to every year in the Greek-cinema world, because of their ever-growing world impact and recognition in film, the Houston Greek Film Festival focuses a lot of energy on cultivating the very best short films - and is lucky enough to be home to several young film makers and industry professionals. Look for the "home-grown" talent we make sure to include every year!