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Houston Media Source


Since 1987, Houston Media Source has provided public access cable television programming in Houston, offering programming created by citizen producers 24 hours every day. HMS-TV not only provides these producers with a place to exhibit their work, it also gives these creative individuals the training and equipment they need to realize their visions. This approach produces a rich tapestry of programming, one which reflects the diversity and vitality of the Houston community. Each day, Houston Media Source viewers can enjoy programming focusing on a variety of topics: news, politics, culture, religion, arts, music, law, health, business, and science.

As part of its service to the Houston community, HMS builds a solid educational foundation for its citizen producers, providing instruction in a variety of topics, among them: media literacy, camera operation and technique, lighting, sound design, editing, storyboarding, script writing, studio operations, and mobile production. Once they have mastered the basics of video production, producers are granted access to a full complement of production resources, including cameras, microphones, lights, studios, and editing suites.

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