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Ticket Policy

MATCH is dedicated to serving Houston’s wide range of small and mid-sized cultural arts organizations by both providing a better venue to showcase their art and expanding their reach into the community. The MATCH Box Office not only provides an essential service for groups without one, but serves as a connection point between each groups’ distinct audience as well as the wider Houston community.  By selling your tickets through MATCH, your event will be made known to patrons of every other event at MATCH and vice versa.

It is MATCH’s hope that tickets for all events at MATCH will be sold through the MATCH Box Office and on the MATCH website – giving arts patrons exposure to a diverse series of exhibits and performances and a consistent, unified, and one-stop point of sale. The more traffic to the MATCH site, the more our community knows about the wide range of activities that take place at MATCH, including yours.


To sell your tickets through the MATCH Box Office

After you have signed an agreement, the Patrons Services Manager will send you a questionnaire about your show. The details you provide will then allow us to put your event on sale and to publicize your event on our website, in our email blasts and on the video marquees that line the breezeway.

The Patrons Services Manager will be able to provide you with ticket sales reports as needed and will provide box office support during performances.  The Patrons Services Manager will also schedule ushers, ticket-takers and a house manager to provide patron services at your event.

The cost of this service is $3 per ticket, a service charge that can be paid directly by patrons or by the organization at closeout.  All ticket prices are set by presenters so the ticket fee could also be invisibly added to your normal ticket price.

For events sold through the MATCH Box Office, MATCH must be the exclusive point of sale for the event. Tickets may not be sold through any other avenue.  The one exception to this is organizations that include tickets in membership packages.  In this instance, member information should be provided to the MATCH Box Office in advance so tickets can be issued for your members.

MATCH is also able to work with groups who want to provide discounts and promotions, as well groups who use promotional discount companies such as Gold Star and Groupon.


For a free event

For events that are free to all patrons, MATCH will waive all ticket fees and provide full box office services at no additional charge.


If you still don’t want to sell your tickets through MATCH

Some groups may not want to sell tickets through the MATCH Box Office. If an event is not sold through the MATCH Box Office, it will not appear on the MATCH website or in any other MATCH promotions.  Patrons contacting MATCH about your event will be directed to your website, but no other patron services will be provided.

A house manager will still be assigned to your event to aid in wayfinding and coordinating with backstage, but no ushers or ticket takers will be assigned. Those and all other front-of-house duties are the responsibility of the cultural arts group presenting an event that is not sold through the MATCH Box Office.



Under no circumstances may patrons stand or sit in the aisles.  MATCH reserves the right to refuse admission to anyone, whether they have a ticket or not, if doing so would exceed the legal or safe capacity of the theater, or threaten the health or well-being of other Patrons or the MATCH personnel.

MATCH Staff reserves the right to observe performances on a walk-in basis.  This only applies if unsold seats are available at curtain time.  No tickets will be issued and no ticket fees will be assessed.