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What Does a Volunteer do at MATCH?

MATCH is a unique facility. We have 4 theatres that are often occupied at the same time. We rely on volunteers to assist our House Managers in opening events to the public. As a volunteer, you might find yourself handing out programs, assisting patrons to their seat, or scanning tickets. Volunteers help keep the breezeway (common area like a courtyard) orderly and guide patrons to restrooms and the café.

Here is a deeper look into the volunteer duties: 

  • Scan patron tickets as they enter the theater
  • Hand out programs as needed
  • Assist patrons with seating, mostly when seating is assigned
  • Greeting all patrons no matter where you encounter them on the property
  • Guide patrons to common areas of the MATCH such as the box office, restrooms, and the café.
  • Assist with keeping the breezeway (common area) clear of trash - help straighten our tables and chairs
  • Assistance with special events: There are times where MATCH attends and advertises at local parks and events. You can assist with working tables and talking with interested people about what MATCH is and the numerous entertainment options we host. 

How a Shift Works: 

Volunteers are asked to begin their shift one hour prior to the event start time. The shift will begin with a mini-orientation with the House Manager to go over the event and volunteer duties. When the event begins, volunteers will either remain in the lobby with the house manager or if seating is available, attend the event.

Once the event is over, volunteers assist the house manager in opening doors for exiting patrons, checking the seating area for programs and trash, and any specials needs for the event to end.

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