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Lyle the Crocodile

Lyle the CrocodileLyle the Crocodile
Date TIme
Sunday, Nov. 22 1:00 PM
Sunday, Nov. 22 4:00 PM
Friday, Nov. 27 10:30 AM
Sunday, Nov. 29 1:00 PM
Sunday, Nov. 29 4:00 PM
Saturday, Dec. 5 1:00 PM
Saturday, Dec. 5 4:00 PM
Saturday, Dec. 12 1:00 PM
Saturday, Dec. 12 4:00 PM
Saturday, Dec. 19 1:00 PM
Saturday, Dec. 19 4:00 PM
Monday, Dec. 21 10:30 AM
Monday, Dec. 21 1:30 PM
Tuesday, Dec. 22 10:30 AM
Wednesday, Dec. 23 10:30 AM

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When the Primm family moves into their apartment they find a crocodile in their bathtub, and nobody knows quite what to do. But his singing and dancing soon convince them that Lyle is a perfect addition and is here to stay! Audiences of all ages will be reminded not to judge people (or crocodiles) and to love one another as they are. A tap-dancing, high-energy holiday spectacular for all families!

Recommended for Pre-Kindergarten and up.
Children under the age of 3 (including sleeping babies) are not allowed in the theater.