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JWALA (Rising Flame)

Samskriti - JwalaSamskriti - Jwala
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Sunday, Aug. 28 4:00 PM

Indian Performing Arts Samskriti

JWALA (Rising Flame)

Concept & Choreography and Performance: Mythili Prakash, Vocal & Music Composition: Aditya Prakash, Lighting Design: Venkatesh Krishnan (India)

Samskriti is very proud to bring to Houston a brilliant star on the firmament of Indian classical dance, Mythili Prakash from  California, in JWALA (Rising Flame). In her new production, conceived and choreographed by herself, this dynamic young dancer par excellence explores the enigmatic flickering flame as a symbol of life and spirit. Through the rich and nuanced language of Indian classical dance and music, innovative staging, and sensitive lighting design, JWALA takes both artist and viewer on a journey from the cosmic to the worldly, from the mythical to the spiritual. Mythili is joined in her new presentation by her equally talented brother, singer-composer Aditya Prakash, and a wonderful musical ensemble from California. The specially designed lighting is by one of the most sought after lighting 'craftsmen' for Indian dance, Venkateash Krishnan from India. Watching Mythili dance is like seeing visual poetry. From the minute she steps on to the stage she mesmerizes the audience with her stunning stage presence, her flawless execution of the most complex movements, and an expressive face that can display myriad expressions in a fleeting moment. Mythili Prakash has earned a name for not only her dancing but also her unusual and innovative ideas, themes and presentations, and has never disappointed her audiences around the world. She has accumulate numerous awards for her performance and continues to grow in stature as an artist with immense potential. So join Samskriti on Sunday, August 28, 4 PM and be prepared to be swept off your feet!

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