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Leadership Conference

NOVUS - Leadership ConferenceNOVUS - Leadership Conference
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Tuesday, Apr. 26 7:00 PM


Leadership Conference

Values-Based Leadership

NOVUS: Values Based Leadership
Lula Mena
Opening Conference

NOVUS is a values-based leadership program seeking to make great leaders happen. NOVUS gathers young leaders across all cultures, backgrounds, education, and skills to equip them with leadership values they will use to have a positive impact in every area of their lives. 

Whether personally, or professionally, well-developed leadership skills are a must; however, without a defined purpose, leadership is ineffective and results are short-lived. Great leaders operate on a values-based system, answer the call to action within the community, and have a coherent balance in all aspects of life. The fundamental aspect at the base of all leadership skills are the values a person uses to make decisions. 

Each NOVUS conference will provide insight into particular values necessary for positive leadership. 

We seek to form a community of inspired young leaders; while facilitating conferences and activities for young professionals. We provide a platform that allows like-minded individuals to connect and have access to valuable tools through: 

· Conferences
· Discussion groups
· Social action
· Networking
· Mentoring

We hope to enrich each individual, sharpen their potential, plant positive seeds and fulfill their purpose of being not just good leaders but integrated human beings.


Our first conference will be dedicated to the leadership values of innovation and service, and will be led by Lula Mena, a Salvadorian artisan and internationally renowned designer. 

Prior to the start of the conference, join us for a social hour to network with others. In the weeks following the conference, we will have several activities; both, for socializing and building upon the leadership value discussed at the conference. 



Born in El Salvador, Lula Mena has a long history with artisanal design. While studying artisanal design at a local university, Lula fell in love with the traditional techniques used by artisans throughout the country, and saw that many were disappearing and were being replaced with more industrialized and impersonal techniques.

Since then, she has sought ways to contribute to the rescue of traditional techniques by working directly with artisan communities to produce high quality products with an emphasis on design.

Following this goal, she was a pioneer in the reactivation process of indigo farming and its use in handmade products, primarily textile dyes. She was also a consultant for several NGOs in artisanal design.

Lula quickly realized that she could use her designs as tools for social change, so she began to work with more communities, using a variety of techniques and materials that were available in the communities.

Her designs are based on 5 principles: eco-friendly, handmade, fair trade, innovation and the empowerment of women.

Last year, she became the first Salvadoran company to showcase its designs at the Emmy and Oscars Gifting Suites.

She is not only living her passion but also helping her community and empowering women. She epitomizes the mission of Novus: to be a leader while giving back to the world and helping those in need.