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NARTHAKA: Dancing like a man

Samskriti - NarthakaSamskriti - Narthaka
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Sunday, Mar. 27 4:00 PM

As in Ballet, the world of Indian classical dance is populated by hundreds of female dancers, but the male practitioners of the art form are fewer in number. "Narthaka" explores the male perspective on Bharatanatyam, the most popular of the Indian classical dance styles. Dr. Sreedhara Akkihebbalu of San Antonio, Kiran Rajagopalan of New York, and Venugopal Josyula of Houston bring to the stage their individual interpretations of the dance style through a wide variety of dances, moods and creative energy. This unique program, featuring male dancers exclusively, is the second of its kind to be presented by Samskriti, and gives the audience a rare opportunity to see three different approaches to the same dance style. 

This program has been funded in part by the Texas Commission on the Arts and the City of Houston through the Houston Arts Alliance.

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