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Current Visions

CounterCurrent 17 - Current VisionsCounterCurrent 17 - Current Visions
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Sunday, Apr. 23 12:00 PM

Co-presented by Aurora Picture Show

Video screening

Aurora Picture Show
2442 Barlett St.
Houston, TX 77098

Festival Closing Celebration: Sunday, April 23 at 12:00 PM

See how artists see.

What is it an artist might see that spurs an idea? What are the ways artists see the world that then lead to works of art? A change in perspective, a surprising angle, an un-thought-of connection—how are creative doors opened and a project's goal realized? What is it that speaks deeply to a particular artist?

Current Visions looks into these questions by means of visualization into the minds of a group of artists, allowing audiences to see into their process. Each CounterCurrent17 festival artist was asked to select a short film that ignites their artistic practice. These films will be screened on the festival's final day for a creative exchange about—and insight into—their work.

Aurora Picture Show is a media arts center that presents artist-made, non-commercial film and video. Aurora Picture Show is dedicated to expanding the cinematic experience and promotion the understanding of moving image art.

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