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Reconstructing Alice

ReFine Arts Productions - Reconstructing AliceReFine Arts Productions - Reconstructing Alice
Date TIme
Friday, Aug. 4 7:00 PM
Saturday, Aug. 5 7:00 PM
Sunday, Aug. 6 3:00 PM
Friday, Aug. 11 7:00 PM
Saturday, Aug. 12 7:00 PM
Sunday, Aug. 13 3:00 PM

A dark twist on the beloved and bizarre tale of Alice in Wonderland. Performed entirely through dance, ten talented dancers and actors are prepared to take you on a unique journey through a story you thought you knew. Won't you follow them through this post apocalyptic Wonderland of love, betrayal, and madness? Oh, and come expecting the unexpected!

Meet the Cast:

Alice - Lily Cole
Queen of Hearts - Ashley De La Cruz
Knave of Hearts - Mcauley Teters
Mad Hatter - Isabelle Yost
Cheshire Cat - Patricia Clifford
Caterpillar - Eden Gallegos
Gryphon - John Paul Manluctao
Dormouse - Rose Boller
March Hare - Preston Parkhurst 

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