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Regional Scholastic Art & Writing Awards Ceremony

Harris County Department of EducationHarris County Department of Education
Date TIme
Thursday, Mar. 30 5:30 PM
Thursday, Mar. 30 7:30 PM

Harris County Department of Education

Regional Scholastic Art & Writing Awards Ceremony

Recognizing and celebrating creative teens from across Harris County

Ceremony Schedule
5:30 PM - 7th and 8th grade SILVER KEY Art & Writing Awards
7:30 PM - 7th and 8th grade GOLD KEY Art & Writing Awards

Seating is limited. Ticket reservation is required.
The Scholastic Art & Writing Awards have an impressive legacy dating back to 1923, when Scholastic Founder, Robbie Robinson, started the program as a way to honor the creative achievement of high school students.
Some things have changed with the Awards over the years—new categories like Comic Art and Video Game design have been embraced—but a few things have not changed. First is freedom of expression. The Scholastic Awards places no limitations on content; students are free to pursue any idea or topic in their art and writing. Blind adjudication has also been a core tenet of the awards since day one. Work is evaluated on its own merits, with jurors having no information on the identity of the young artist or writer, and lastly, the three criteria used to select award-winning work: Originality; Technical Skill; and the Emergence of a Personal Voice or Vision.
The Scholastic Awards place a high priority on work that challenges boundaries and can communicate new and interesting ideas. A noteworthy roster of artists and writers earned Scholastic Awards as teenagers including: Andy Warhol, Sylvia Plath, Truman Capote, Lena Dunham, Robert Redford, and Joyce Carol Oates.  In addition, Scholastic Awards recipients go on to use their creativity as engineers, scientists, teachers, musicians, and in countless other professions. In 2015, the Scholastic Awards received more than 300,000 submissions in 28 categories from students in the United States and U.S. Schools abroad. Here in our region, we are proud to report that more than (Local program stats) students submitted work this year!