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Houston Black Film Festival - DoorbellHouston Black Film Festival - Doorbell
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Tuesday, Mar. 27 9:20 PM

Houston Black Film Festival


Written and directed by Shawn Harris

A professional, middle-class African American homeowner has begun to spend her evenings after work at handgun training. She is still getting comfortable handling a gun as she is not a gun enthusiast, but feels it is a necessary means of self-protection. When leaving the gun range, she proudly shows her support for the Black Lives Matter movement through the bumper sticker affixed to her SUV.

As she prepares for her workday, rings of the doorbell suddenly interrupt her morning.

Viewing her home security cameras, the homeowner can see the person ringing her doorbell is a teenager. He’s not there to offer a product or service. This ill-intentioned teenager wants to know if anyone is home so that he can decide whether or not he’ll rob the place.

When the homeowner doesnt reach the door before the teenager decides no one is home, she is met with loud, pounding thumps shaking her door. She realizes he’s there to break into her home, and now she must act quickly.

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