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Field Day

Core - Field Day 2018Core - Field Day 2018
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Sunday, May. 20 5:00 PM
Sunday, May. 20 7:00 PM

Core Dance

Field Day

In partnership with Dance Source Houston and The Field NYC

Core Dance in partnership with Dance Source Houston and The Field NYC present Field Day including the Houston Spring Fieldwork Showcase.

Fieldwork is for Creators:  Solo Performing Artists, Writers, Composers, Choreographers, Playwrights, Multidisciplinary Artists, Poets, Vocalists and more! Fieldwork is a unique forum for artists to meet weekly and share developing works and exchange feedback, peer to peer, culminating in the Fieldwork Showcase performance.

Fieldwork is for the artist that wants to create work outside of a vacuum, within a community of fellow art makers. Fieldwork provides real and honest facilitated feedback rather than the veneer of "good job". By participating in Fieldwork, you can participate in the critique process alongside fellow artists.

Core Dance is a founding member of the Field Network in partnership with The Field (NYC). The Field Network is a consortium of sites that provide Fieldwork workshops, a signature method of development based on peer to peer feedback, and other Field programs. Initiated in 1993, the Network has locations in cities across the United States and in Europe. Each site tailors its activities to the local community with the mission to support artists. Sites are stewarded by trained Fieldwork facilitators who also are practicing artists themselves.