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Gun Violence: The New Normal

TCAALH - Gun Violence - The New NormalTCAALH - Gun Violence - The New Normal
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Sunday, Apr. 22 4:00 PM

Yates High School Theatre Students under the direction of Margo Hickman will present their Spring Play, entitled, "Gun Violence: The New Normal" as a response to personal experiences.  Students have written the script, and will provide lighting and sound as a part of their end.

Margo Hickman believes in providing students with the tools and opportunities for creative expression. Using this approach she has helped many students to not only create, but own their creations as  outcomes of their problem solving and critical thinking abilities.

For several years Ms. Hickman has explored contemporary issues with her students and encouraged them to do research on topics of interest.  This hands-on learning encourages even more independent research, writing, and acting out of passion, rather than just completing an assignment. The Yates Theatre Department has collaborated with University of Houston and now with TCAALH, to extend their outreach into the community and provide enhanced experiences for students.