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If I’m a B#%#%...Queens of Poetry Show

PacePoetry - If I'm A BPacePoetry - If I'm A B
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Saturday, Jun. 30 8:00 PM

“If I’m a B#%#%...Queens of Poetry Show” is a show featuring the heavy-hitters of poetry as they bring awareness to women empowerment and demand the respect of women from their male counterparts. The Queens will use their art of poetry to put an end to the word, “b#%#%,” being used as derogatory and endearing towards women by men and women.

This show is compiled of a few of the top female poetry artists in the game: PacePoetry, Kanei the Poet, DaTruth, Siditty Kitty, Corinna Delgado, and Nikki Da Kidd. Channeling the classic comedy show, “Kings of Comedy,” this show will allow each artist to tell their story in their own way while having some comedic and musical relief. We don’t want this to feel like an ordinary poetry show or open mic. This will be a true production of poetry in a dramatic format.

In the end, the overall experience will leave the audience uplifted, inspired, and encouraged. The audience won’t leave feeling the same as they did when they sat in their seats.