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Out From Under The Rug: True Life Tales Of Abortion

Oral Fixation - Out From Under the RugOral Fixation - Out From Under the Rug
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Thursday, Apr. 19 8:00 PM
Friday, Apr. 20 8:00 PM

Oral Fixation

Out From Under The Rug: True Life Tales Of Abortion

with support from Simmons Foundation and Stardust Fund

Live storytelling series, Oral Fixation (An Obsession with True Life Tales), is bringing its “Out From Under The Rug: True Life Tales Of Abortion” series to Houston with the mission to eradicate stigma around abortion by providing a platform for sharing true, personal stories that have been swept under the rug for too long. Imagine a dark stage, a spotlight, a music stand and seven men and women reading aloud their true, personal abortion-related stories on stage. This carefully curated theatrical event features a primarily local lineup of men and women whose stories will enlighten and ultimately uplift viewers as well as contextualize the hotly debated issue of abortion.

Storytellers include:

  1. Dr. Willie Parker: a heroic Southern Baptist African-American abortion provider and author of Life’s Work: A Moral Argument for Choice who will share his come-to-Jesus moment.
  2. Sherry Merfish: longtime women’s rights advocate and political fundraiser will share her story of having an abortion before Roe v. Wade.
  3. Mandy Trichell: a 14 year-old girl living in an unstable household gets pregnant by her 18 year-old boyfriend and has her first of several abortions as well as three children 
  4. Erika Settles: a hispanic mother of four experiences religious conflict when she gets pregnant accidentally during a turbulent time.
  5. Monte Jones: an oncologist decides with his wife to terminate their much wanted pregnancy because the baby they named Faith was very sick. Because his wife is employed at a religious hospital, they must go to another city for the abortion.
  6. Shiloh Modisett: native Houstonian felt deep shame about her college abortion then finds strength first in coming out as queer and now in sharing her abortion story.
  7. Nicole Stewart: Now almost eight months pregnant with a toddler at home, Stewart will share her powerful personal story about why it’s is important we don’t ban abortion after 20 weeks.