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The Rise of Mutapa

Center for Bio-Vibrational Science - The Rise of MutapaCenter for Bio-Vibrational Science - The Rise of Mutapa
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Saturday, Jul. 28 7:00 PM

Center for Bio-Vibrational Science

The Rise of Mutapa

Written by Dr. Robert York-Westbrook, BVS

Before recorded history what is now myth, was very real. In an ancient African land once lived gods and goddesses in an interdimensional kingdom called Mutapa. Ruled by the great king Akwaba Ausar, the land was prosperous and glorious filled with wonder and delight.

This golden age continued until the infamous Igbo, brother of Akwaba had him killed in what he would coin a most unfortunate accident, Igbo would become king, taxing the poor to include his own mother. The wicked king ushered in an unprecedented time of war and conflict, culminating in his plans to leave the interdimensional lands of Mutapa and venture into the lands of current day earth.

Sensing the danger of all they had known and loved being destroyed, the great warrior Bast begins to train her son, an improbable twelve-year-old boy to do battle with the monster who is Igbo... Drama, incredible martial arts, ancient wisdom, and magic are all encompassed in this ancient land and battle for universal order. It is a show that you will never forget, it is the Rise of Mutapa!

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