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Dance for Humanity

Arts of Tolerance - Dance for HumanityArts of Tolerance - Dance for Humanity
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Saturday, Nov. 9 7:30 PM Buy Tickets

Rice University's Arts of Tolerance

Dance for Humanity

Featuring a World Premiere by Alexis Zanety

Celebrating the United Nations International Day of Tolerance Rice University Arts of Tolerance presents Dance for Humanity. An engaging evening of dances from around the world highlighting the beauty and power produced when as communities we focus on those things that unify us. Participating artists represent many cultures from as far as Asia to Africa to the American continent and beyond; among them: Dance of Asian America, Anjali Center for Performing Arts, Danza Azteca Aquetzalli, Intuitive African Dance and Drum Culture, Solero Flamenco, Intempo Dance, Shaolin Shi Xing Hao Kung Fung Fu Academy, Urban Souls Dance Company, Reinaldo Costa.

Dance for Humanity welcomes world-renowned Cuban choreographer and master teacher, Alexis Zanety presenting a world premiere commemorating one of humanity’s most tragic chapters: the Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade. The year 2019 marks 400 years since Africans were brought as slaves to the United States. Premiered by Reinaldo Costa, Zanety’s work explores music, dances, and movement from Yoruba culture and religion which have survived and are reflected throughout the American continent until today. Dance for Humanity pays tribute, through movement and music, to this historical episode and to people from many parts of the world. 

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