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Field Day 2019

Core Dance - Field Day 2019Core Dance - Field Day 2019
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Saturday, May. 4 7:00 PM

Field Day is an opportunity for up to 15 community artists to show their work-in-process in a first-come/first serve basis. This non-curated performance opportunity is available to artists of all mediums who register in advance - dance, theater, spoken word, music, visual art, the list goes on - in a professionally-produced format.

Artists need studio space, time, and peer support in order to thrive. Fieldwork provides these things and more! Fieldwork artists meet for 6 to 8 weeks to show works in progress and share objective, non-directorial, artist-to-artist feedback led by experienced facilitators in a studio setting. Fieldwork is for Creators - Solo Performing Artists, Writers, Composers, Choreographers, Playwrights, Multidisciplinary Artists, Poets, Vocalists and more!  Take risks, share works. 

Core Dance is a founding member of the Field Network in partnership with The Field (NYC). The Field Network is a consortium of sites that provide Fieldwork workshops, a signature method of development based on peer to peer feedback, and other Field programs. Initiated in 1993, the Network has locations in cities across the United States and in Europe. Each site tailors its activities to the local community with the mission to support artists. Sites are stewarded by trained Fieldwork facilitators who also are practicing artists themselves.