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John Beasant - Gentle MenJohn Beasant - Gentle Men
Date TIme Note
Thursday, Jun. 27 7:00 PM FAMILY/FRIENDLY
Friday, Jun. 28 7:30 PM
Saturday, Jun. 29 7:30 PM

John Beasant and Dancers


An intimate evening of contemporary dance, film, and prose

"Gentle/Men" marks the choreographic Houston debut of independent dance-maker, John Beasant III. The production is an evening-length concert of a series of contemporary dance suites, dance-film, and prose, featuring ten Houston-based professional male dance artists.

The show celebrates men in dance, aims to advocate for acceptance of the American male dancer, and brings awareness of the art form from a male perspective. Mr. Beasant invites audiences to witness his unique presentation of an abstract narrative of physicality that highlights humanness through both virtuosity and femininity.

John Beasant III (Choreographer), Neal Petz (Lighting and Projection Design), Barbara Joyce-Evans (Costume Design), Kat Jimenez (Stage Management)

Performed by: John Beasant III, Joshua DeAlba, Edward DeShane, Jaime Garcia, Alonzo Lee Moore IV, Derek Nicholson, Donald Sayre, Joseph Stevens, Davis Stumberg, Juan Ventura

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