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Natya Lahari

Samskriti - Natya LahariSamskriti - Natya Lahari
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Saturday, Aug. 10 4:30 PM

Kuchipudi, from South India, is one of the most vibrant and exciting dance forms in the world. Ashrita Keshav-Pritam (India) and Dr. Pranamya Suri (USA), two beautiful and talented stars on the Kuchipudi firmament, will showcase some of the best dances in the repertoire. Kuchipudi, once the prerogative of men, but now mostly performed by women, is dramatic, vivacious, fast-paced yet graceful, lively, up-beat, and thoroughly enjoyable.

The lightning-fast footwork, quicksilver hand movements and constantly changing facial expressions, add to the allure of the dance. Ashrita and Pranamya are currently receiving extensive training from the same Gurus, Kishore and Padmavani Mosalikanti. Their dances include one which requires the execution of fast rhythmic sequences while balancing on the rim of a brass plate. Exciting indeed!

Samskriti is very proud to encourage and provide performance opportunities to young artists, especially ones of the caliber of Ashrita and Pranamya. This program is brought to you by Samskriti, and is funded in part by the Texas Commission on the Arts, the City of Houston through the Houston Arts Alliance, Bhagavatula Foundation, Ekal Vidyalaya Houston, Shri Sitaram Foundation, and Enbridge Inc. 

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