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Pop-Up Kino: Divided Heaven

Goethe Pop Up Houston - Divided HeavenGoethe Pop Up Houston - Divided Heaven
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Thursday, Apr. 18 7:00 PM

Goethe Pop Up Houston

Pop-Up Kino: Divided Heaven

Directed by Konrad Wolf, and based on the novel "Divided Heaven" by Christa Wolf

Pop-Up Kino presents Konrad Wolf's Divided Heaven. After a breakdown, Rita returns to her childhood village in 1961. As she recovers, she remembers the past two years: her love for the chemist Manfred, ten years her senior; how his enthusiasm about his new chemical process turned to bitter disappointment in the face of official rejection; how he escaped to West Berlin a few weeks before the Wall was built and hoped that she would follow him.

There will be a brief discussion on the film prior to the screening. This discussion is open to the public.

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