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Pop-Up Kino: Toni Erdmann

Goethe Pop Up Houston - Toni ErdmannGoethe Pop Up Houston - Toni Erdmann
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Thursday, Jul. 18 7:00 PM

Goethe Pop Up Houston

Pop-Up Kino: Toni Erdmann

Written and Directed by Maren Ade

Pop-Up Kino presents Maren Ade's acclaimed comedy Toni Erdmann. Hardworking Ines reluctantly agrees to spend time with her estranged father when he unexpectedly reenters her life. Disguised in a tacky suit, wig, and fake teeth, Ines' father Winfried barges into her professional life pretending to be "Toni Erdmann" her CEO's life coach.  As Toni, Winfried is bolder and doesn’t hold back, but Ines meets the challenge. The harder they push, the closer they become. In all the madness, Ines begins to understand that her eccentric father might deserve some place in her life after all.

There will be a brief discussion on the film prior to the screening.

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