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's (a tale of possession)

Hope Stone - A Tale of PossessionHope Stone - A Tale of Possession
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Thursday, Mar. 28 7:30 PM *
Friday, Mar. 29 7:30 PM

Hope Stone Dance’s ‘s (a tale of possession) addresses the timeless topic of ownership, questioning “what do we really own?” Mine, ours, yours. Maybe a line from “Fight Club” is the answer – “The things you own end up owning you.”

10 dancers. 2,000 shoe boxes. 7 bird cages. A few teacups and finger sandwiches. A pedestal. And shoes. Lots of them. 

‘s (a tale of possession) was created by Jane Weiner in 2004 during a DiverseWorks’ residency and restaged in 2006 at the Wortham Center’s Cullen Theater. Thirteen years later, time hasn’t changed our possessive natures – whether it's shoes or land or relationships. 

With a sound score by Firat Ozsoy mixing Klezmer, David Byrne, Steve Reich and the sounds of grocery store self-checkout machines, lighting by Tiffany Schrepferman and set design by David Graeve, be ready for a sensory-striking evening.  

Performed by: Joshua de Alba, Jacquelyne Boe, La’Rodney Freeman, Kelsey Gibbs, Rachael Hutto, Lindsey McGill, Travis Prokop, Donald Sayre, Candace Tompkins, Brit Wallis

*March 28 – Post-show dialogue led by Karen Stokes (Founder and Artistic Director of Karen Stokes Dance; Professor and Director of the Dance Program, University of Houston) with Sixto Wagan (Director, Center for Art & Social Engagement, University of Houston) and Jane Weiner (Founder & Artistic Director, Hope Stone, Inc., Hope Stone Dance)

Hope Stone, Inc. is funded in part by the City of Houston through Houston Arts Alliance.

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