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Second Annual Student Playwright Festival

Dirt Dogs Theatre - Student Playwright Festival 2019Dirt Dogs Theatre - Student Playwright Festival 2019
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Wednesday, Jun. 5 7:30 PM

Standby Process

If your desired performance date is sold out, you can purchase a standby ticket during our box office hours by calling the box office at (713) 521-4533 or in person. For full information on how standby works, please visit our box office information page

Three playwrights from three Houston area high schools premiere their one-act plays at the second annual Dirt Dogs Theatre Co. Student Playwright Festival: 

The Vines by Sierra Butterwick, directed by Ananka Kohnitz: On a night four years before the apocalypse, the life of a young man begins to crumble. 

The Unknown by Lauren Dodds, directed by Curtis Barber: Over several years of friendship, Michael tries to help Lucy overcome her desire to always “play it safe.”  

Staff Meeting from Hell by Amado Velasco, directed by Malinda L. Beckham: At the end of every month, the seven deadly sins meet to discuss their accomplishments. But can they handle being in the same room and assure humanity's downfall? 

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