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Tea Stories

Luciole International Theatre Co - Tea StoriesLuciole International Theatre Co - Tea Stories
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Sunday, Dec. 15 5:00 PM Buy Tickets

A collective creation by Trevor B. Cone, Melissa Flower, Joanna Hubbard, Sara Iqbal, Sabah Iqbal, Pin Lim, Rachel Ollagnon, Clara Ploux, Dianne Webb

Tea Stories explores the universal language of tea through diverse cultural traditions, social backgrounds, and fictional art works. From Chinese and Pakistan Chai tea ceremonies to British afternoon tea, from Lewis Carroll Alice's tea time in Wonderland to James Joyce and Marcel Proust. Tea is not only a ritual, it is also, among others, a medicine, a comfort to the soul, a spiritual communion and healing, a celebration of life, and a social happening. Mostly, the exquisite experience of a hot cup of tea in a winter day may, many years after, bring together the immaterial beauty and remembrance of things past.

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