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Bésame Mucho

Guataca Nights Foundation - Besame MuchoGuataca Nights Foundation - Besame Mucho
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Saturday, Aug. 28 8:00 PM

Guataca Nights Foundation

Bésame Mucho

Women's contribution to the history of the Bolero

Bésame Mucho is a bolero recital, in which the audience is guided to the emotive and passionate world of women. Venezuelan talented singer Inés María Bravo, under the impeccable musical direction of William Sigismondi, performs a carefully chosen repertoire, which highlights the musical work of extraordinary Latin American composers of the 20thCentury, and honors to great female exponents of the bolero, such as: La Lupe, Celia Cruz, Elena Burke, Olga Guillot, Carmen Delia Dipiní, Omara Portuondo, Estelita del Llano, Silvia Rexach, Maria Grever, Concha Valdez, Eydie Gorme, Consuelo Velásquez, Lolita de la Colina, among others. 

This recital is a cultural product designed to show the remarkable contribution of women in the development of the bolero as a reference for Latin American popular music. Throughout 90 uninterrupted minutes, the melodic discourse of this concert evokes the nostalgia of the genre, but seasoned with alternative arrangements with contemporary nuances, with which the rhythmic variations made by countries such as Cuba, Puerto Rico, Mexico, Venezuela, and Colombia are addressed. From that perspective, Bésame Mucho travels through the complex metric universe of the classic bolero, and goes through subgenres such as the bolero son, bolero cha, rhythmic bolero and mambo bolero. In addition, the concert evidences the powerful transformation experienced by women during the last century regarding their role as protagonists of their personal experiences. This is how the poetic discourse addresses from the shy love aspirations of a woman looking for a " Cariñito azucarado " to the demanding eroticism of a provocative piece like " Me muero, me muero."

Undoubtedly, Bésame Mucho is an unforgettable recital, whose musical format - voice, piano, sax, double bass and percussion - overflows the rich feminine imaginary in the inexhaustible theme of love.

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