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Eddy Marcano & Quartet Onda Nueva

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Thursday, Oct. 6 7:30 PM

Intempo Dance Ensemble is honored to present the Eddy Marcano and Quartet Onda Nueva in concert honoring Director Eduardo Mata's love for the Latin American music.

Concert in loving memory of our TX Symphonic Ballet member - Lillian McLean.

A quartet of world known musicians performing delightful Latin American music under Mr. Eddy Marcano's direction. Mr. Romero's drums along with Mr. Morao's soothing piano, Mr. Puentes rhythmic bass and Mr. Marcano's warmth violin. All serving as a musical-notes frame for a very selected list of guest artists paying a tribute to Mr. Mata with singing and playing music from different Latin American Cultures which Director Mata had a special love bond with. Meanwhile, TX Symphonic Ballet will be decorating the ambience with dance pieces that bring reminiscense of Director Mata's conducting for full staged dancing programs.

A very special outstanding music night spent with Director Mata's friends, students and admirers of his magnificent work and legacy.  

Eddy Marcano & Quartet Onda Nueva

Eddy Marcano, Violin, Director
Juan Pablo Romero, Drums
Rangel Morao, Piano
Layo Puentes, Double Bass


Ines Maria Bravo, Vocal
Leonardo Soto, Vibraphone
Pablo Huertas, Trumpet
Ismel Campos, Viola
Brenda Rangel, Violin
Enn Rene Diaz, Cello
Miguel Siva, Cuatro/Guitar