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Noche de Flamenco - Flamenco por Derecho

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Saturday, Nov. 12 7:00 PM

Aire Flamenco Houston

Noche de Flamenco - Flamenco por Derecho

a journey through flamenco's past in honor of the former flamenco artists that influenced flamenco in the past, the present and forever

Flamenco por Derecho” means the flamenco in its purest state and its different phases: singing, music and dance. “Flamenco por Derecho” is a show in honor of the former flamencos that are not with us anymore, but that influenced flamenco in the past, in the present and forever. It is a show where artists of different backgrounds will unite to celebrate flamenco with the spirit and the soul of the gypsy ancestors. Viva la Paquera, viva el Nino Ricardo, viva Carmen Amaya, y la Lola Flores, y Camaron. Thank you to La Nina de los Peines y a Pastora Imperio. What would flamenco be without Fernanda y Bernarda, Antonia Merce “La Argentina”, Ramon Montoya, y Chano Lobato.In this show we will draw upon the gypsies of Southern Spain. We will gather the styles of flamenco (seguiriya, solea, tarantos, tangos, fandangos, garrotin, bulerías…); we will present them with our deepest feelings and we will express them through our bodies, our music, our singing and our soul.

Through history, flamenco has been transmitted from generation to generation, from instructor to pupil. Flamenco in its purest form. Because it was part of these ancestors’ soul, flamenco exists within us and we have the right and the necessity to show it to the world. Aire Flamenco Houston and all its guest artists will like to share with our audience the flamenco, that as our right, was given to us by the greatest and has been given to the world as world heritage.