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Reina of the West

Date TIme
Friday, Dec. 9 7:00 PM
Monday, Dec. 12 7:00 PM
Tuesday, Dec. 13 7:00 PM
Wednesday, Dec. 14 7:00 PM
Thursday, Dec. 15 7:00 PM

CROSS Net Pictures & Singspirations

Reina of the West

Written and Directed by Krystal Bolden

Come and see a western unique from any you have seen before! With a culturally diverse cast that screams "Representation" and crew that embodies education, Director Krystal Bolden creates a beautiful masterpiece with students from Sam Houston State University. Reina of the West is the tale of outcast women trying to survive in the old west. When the ranch is threatened by a group of men jealous of her success, Reina and her girls must prove they have what it takes to survive.

Walk the red carpet at 6:30 PM and enjoy the film screening at 7:00 PM. Join us for a brief Q&A directly following the show.

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Director introduction: