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Sunday, Feb. 6 5:00 PM

Contemplation. Reflection. Bold Action. Dream. Determination. Imagination.

People have the freedom of choice with their emotions. As you sit and ponder through Rumination: Seven Stages of Grief we would like for you to consider how grief is not just a feeling of sadness but it is a whirlwind of emotions. It seeks contemplation, on what the world is offering us emotionally. Reflection of how we view ourselves and the world. Bold Action in what we choose to do with those emotions. Dream to be better or do what it is that no one else has done. Determination to fight or seek the truth in your power. Imagination to skyrockets to a place that no one has ever thought of to uplift spirits. Come and experience these basic human emotions through a performance that will guide you through the seven stages of grief and its interaction with humankind. It may not look the same from human to human but we hope you can follow the journey that everyone at some point in their life has to navigate through.